Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

If your home has been exposed to fire damage, we understand how stressful the time can be. Our fire damage restoration services use the latest equipment and products to remove smoke damage and odors from your home. We also can remove larger damaged areas, such as walls, doors, or ceilings. We want to help make this process as easy as possible, so give us a call for professional fire damage restoration services. 

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage to your home can cause a variety of problems, including the growth of mold or bacteria. 2nd City Restoration will take care of any water damage you may have by vacuuming the water, letting the surfaces dry, and cleaning the area. Sometimes certain materials may need to be replaced or reconstructed, and we can do that too. If you’re in the Wheaton area, give us a call today for expert water damage restoration services!

Water damage
Sewer Back-Up

Sewer Backup

If your sewer gets backed up, you’ll need to call a professional to get your plumbing working properly again. If you notice signs of a sewer clog, such as a slow shower drain or a gurgling noise from the toilet, give us a call. Our team is well versed in repairing sewer lines, addressing any water damage, and properly cleaning sewer lines. For professional sewer backup services, give 2nd City Restoration a call so we can get your sewer back in order! 


Unfortunately, sometimes these issues can cause damage that is beyond repair or cleaning. When that’s the case, our team will do our best to save what we can, and we will also provide reconstruction services. You deserve to feel comfortable in your home as soon as possible, and we want to make that happen. If your home has recently been exposed to damage, contact us and we will provide you with reliable reconstruction services. 


Other Services Offered

✔ Fire Cleaning
✔ Fire Deodorization
✔ Fire Mitigation
✔ Mold Remediation
✔ Smoke Odor Removal
✔ Insurance Claims

✔ Pack-Out
✔ Water Mitigation
✔ Mold Removal
✔ Certified Mitigators
✔ Structure Cleaning
✔ Demolition

✔ Emergency Response
✔ 24/7 Emergency Services
✔ Commercial
✔ Residential
✔ Crime Scene Clean-Up